How to add a room

1. Log in to your admin account

2. Click the + Add Room button. 

3. Fill in the informational fields for the room. The room Name and Capacity are required. Additional fields include:

  • Notifications email: This email address will receive a copy of all confirmation emails and updates for this room.
  • Floor: If you provide a numerical floor number, you can sort the rooms by floor on the main page.
  • Primary phone number
  • Location
  • Brief Description
  • Additional description
  • Button confirmation text: Placing text in this box triggers a pop-up that the user must confirm before booking the room. This is a good place for an alert about an important positive or negative feature of the room, like a video conference system or a broken monitor.
  • Picture: A picture of the room in .jpg, .gif or .png format.

4. Click on 'Update room' at the bottom of the list to finish creating your room.

TIP: you can edit your rooms at any time, follow this instruction to do that:

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