Set up your Roomzilla account for integration

Before you start, make sure you've read and followed the steps from  this article.

Here's what you need to do on your Roomzilla account to connect it to your Office 365 account:

1. Email us at to let us know you want to integrate Office 365 with Roomzilla.

2. Once we have replied (it may take up to 24 business hours), go to your Roomzilla account and scroll down to log in as an admin (bottom right-hand side): 3. Type in your admin credentials and click on the green 'Sign in' button:
4. Click on the 'Integrations' button:

5. Click on the button which says 'Integrate with Office 365': 6. Roomzilla only requires the permissions listed below. No inbox / files access is needed. Click on 'Accept' to integrate:
7. Once done, go to 'Rooms' and either create a new room or edit an existing one:

8. In either case, type in your Microsoft Room email address and set up the room as you please:

9. Click on "Update Room" at the bottom of the page to confirm.

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