User Invites

This guide will teach you how to invite users to your Roomzilla page as well as the different permissions they will have compared to an admin.

1. Enter you Roomzilla domain: (Mycompany)

2. Select the Admin button located at the bottom right of your page, then log in.









 3.Once you have logged in you will want to select the Users tab on the main control panel.


4. You now have two ways of adding users 

A.  +Invite New User

i. This will allow you to invite one user at a time by typing in their email address.

B. Upload Users List

i. This feature allows you to add multiple users in one go, simply create a TXT document like below.  (you can use Notepad for windows or TextEdit on Mac).

ii. Once you have created this document you will need to click "Upload User List", this will allow you to upload your TXT document.

C. When the user receives the below invite they will be directed to set their password and begin using Roomzilla.

5. Your security settings can affect how the User features are used.

A. If you have "Public access" enabled nobody would need to sign in to create a booking, they could simply access your Roomzilla page and create bookings. 

B. If you want to book a room locally, you will need to log in to your account on the room display, this will allow for more accurate reporting on who is booking your rooms.

User accounts will only be able to make and edit reservations, they will have no access to the back office or settings.

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