Google Booking options explained

Here we will further break down the different options you have when creating a Roomzilla booking through your Google calendar.

If you would like to view the process of making a booking through Google please follow this link.

1. You can select which time zone you wish to arrange your meeting in.

2. You can either create an individual booking or select "repeat" where you will have the option to create one booking for multiple dates.

3. This feature is fantastic if you have multiple meeting rooms. You can view all of your rooms calendars to find a convenient time, you could also add a colleagues calendar to ensure everyone can attend your meeting.

4. This allows you to view which rooms are available on the selected time and date. If the meeting room is crossed out with a red symbol on the left it means the room is not available. 

5. If you want to share documents that are related to the meeting you can simply attach them to the invitation. They will only be able to view these when the invitation arrives.

6.  When in your meeting you can choose whether to be viewed as available or busy. You can also decide who can view this event in your calendar. 

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