How to add resources to Gsuite

This will show you how to add resources to your Google calendar.

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1. Adding an individual resource

This information you will need to match what is on your Roomzilla page.

A. Category: from the drop down menu you will want to select what category this resource comes under either Unknown, Conference room or Other.

B. Type: add what type of resource this is e.g Lab equipment, Conference room, Hot desk.

C. Building: Which location is this resource for.

D. Floor/Floor section: which floor and where is this conference room located.

E. Resource name: What's the name of your conference room.

F. Capacity: Whats the capacity of the room.

G. Features: you can add which features the room has e.g. 32" Television, Conferencing system, large window.

H. Visible description: you can add a description that will help the user find the room e.g. This room is located opposite the kitchen.

2. Adding resources in Bulk

A. Download blank CSV template: as you can see below Google has already created an Excel document that you can fill in with your resource information.

B. Attach CSV: Once you have created the above document you can then select "Attach CSV". This will add all your resources in one go.

C. Download your resources in a CSV file: This is a simple way to download all your previously uploaded resources onto an Excel document.

3. Once you have added your resources you should be able to see them all under the resources.

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