Adding Your Companies Logo

This guide will talk you through the process of adding your Welcome message and companies logo to Roomzilla.

1. First you need to Sign in and head to the admin section of your page

2. Now select the "Company Settings" tab, where you will find the "General & Appearance Settings"

3. You should now be seeing the company logo & welcome message options.

4) A. Roomzilla will automatically resize your logo to fit your page there are only two things you need to check.

i. Firstly you need to make sure you crop around your companies logo, if you have a lot of space around it you will find it will look very small on your Roomzilla page. 

ii. Secondly, you will have make sure you company logo has a transparent background. (There are plenty of free website to do this online)

B. Your welcome message will be completely unique to your company, you can include whatever information you like.

i. We do recommend having your admins email address in their so they can be easily contacted.

I hope this article has helped you, if you would like more information about this or other features with Roomzilla you can drop us an email at

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