Reservation forms explained

This quick article breaks down all the options included on our reservation form.

A. Meeting Purpose: The meeting purpose defines what this meeting will be about. This is the first thing people will see when it is selected.

B. Number of people: This drop down menu allows you to confirm how many attendees your meeting will have.

C. Host name: Enter your full name here, if you have a profile with us that will be done automatically. 

D. Host email address: This will again be filled in automatically when you have a profile.

E. Start/Finish time: Choose the duration of your meeting.

The second part of the booking forms allows you to change some of the settings available.

A.  Remember me: Once you have created your meeting, your personal details will be remembered by Roomzilla.

B. Email Receipt: You will receive a receipt to your inbox for your reservation.

C. Reoccurring reservations: Simple way to create one meeting on multiple occasion. All the options are broken down in this article  (link)

D. Silence all sounds: This will stop your room display alerting you 5 minutes before the end of your meeting.

E. Restrict access to editing this meeting: If selected you, will receive a personalized link in your "email receipt", this link is the only way to edit or remove this meeting from Roomzilla.

F. View other Rooms available for this meeting: This will provide options for different rooms that would be available for your meeting.

I hope this article has helped you understand what all the options are when creating reservations, please get in touch if you have any further questions.

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